Wow. I love this piece.

I, personally, have confidently told every partner since I was 19 (I just turned 30) that I don't want to give birth. It is just something that never appealed/I'm terrified of it, to be honest. My mother had two miscarriages and a heartbreaking loss of a stillborn ten years before she had me – and I *know* I am not strong enough to recover if something like that happened to me. Women are amazing.

I have always said, if my mind changed that I would adopt. I work with kids, I LOVE them, but being a mom isn't something I've always dreamed of. I knew that women feel push back to kids question but didn't realize how lucky I was for not feeling this pressure.

Beautifully reported!

Writer (she/her) of the foodish, bookish, & feminist. Author of Bright Blue (poetry) Dancing Girl Press / Website: / Twitter: @b___ski

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