We used to do this with high-lows (in a circle, as a summer camp counselor, oftentimes when I was in charge of 13 year-olds we'd throw awkward moment into the mix for a giggle. The day's low, the day's awkward, and always ending on the high). This made me think of that a little.

1. The sky is clear and blue and the window clings are casting rainbows on my couch, walls, and floor.

2. I cleaned the living room today and am enjoying it now.

3. My cat is wearing a vest. It's a jean vest that is technically Christmas, but it's so dumb and cute and my boyfriend is quietly, but transparently, obsessed with it.

4. I have roasted squash to blend into a soup later.

5. I'm listening to a beautiful ambient soundtrack from a game I haven't played (but would like to). --> https://open.spotify.com/album/2kUGOiwLdwn8oLpyRidnkP?si=SvC7XldDQjKdZqj9Htz8tQ


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