I haven’t had Facebook in years and have deleted and taken long breaks from Instagram multiple times. I do have Twitter… and have to watch how I consume media on that platform. (I definitely struggle with “Doomscrolling”)

I agree that omitting or taking breaks from consuming floods of updates of others’ lives is beneficial. I would argue, though, that you don’t *have* to use that time you gain from cutting it out productively. If you scroll social media to “turn off your brain” find another, healthier way to do that by meditating, reading, playing a video game, watching a comforting movie. Recognizing why we fall into those patterns is worth examination.

Step back, slow down, worry less.

Writer (she/her) of the foodish, bookish, & feminist. Author of Bright Blue (poetry) Dancing Girl Press / Website: www.aliciabanaszewski.com / Twitter: @b___ski

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