I wish my fellow white people could stop getting all bent out of shape about being called white in these kinds of pieces. We are. It is a fact that we are benefiting from a disgustingly racist and self-serving system. Being told that it is not okay and we need to help shouldn’t hurt your feelings. Even if you weren’t the one to put the particular system in place, if your actions (passive or otherwise) don’t work toward dismantling it… how are you *not* at fault?

I definitely agree with you on the compassionate approach. I have never been someone who just wants to endlessly argue. I’ve been lucky, that those immediately around me at the bare minimum let me finish a sentence or two without discrediting and insulting me. Also, it takes time. Trying once and then getting pissy that the conversation doesn’t go a certain way doesn’t help anyone.

There HAS to be a meeting in the middle…somewhere… and it’s more than unfortunate that a pandemic that’s killed so many people couldn’t even elicit any sort of empathy between us.

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